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[ENG] PvP tournament 2 vs 2

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Good day to everyone.
In this topic, we will discuss the general tournament rules, rewards, as well as the structure of the tournament.

All matches of the tournament are held in the Sudden death format (up to one defeat).
The final confrontation is held in the BO3 format.​
Tournament Rules:
Chapter 1 - General
• The format for the tournament will be 2s (2vs2). The composition must be finalized before the team is confirmed to participate in the tournament, further changes in the set of participants will lead to a disqualification.
• All PvP battles will take place using the flex system.
• To participate in the tournament, you need to fill out the application below.
• The tournament structure is presented in the format of the upper and lower grid.
• The minimum number of participating teams is 8, and the maximum is 16.
• If the number of teams is less than 8, the tournament will be canceled.

Chapter 2 - Gameplay
• In order to create the same conditions, the entire tournament will be held on the Legion test realm.
• It is forbidden to use bugs/cheats and any features that give an unfair advantage. The punishment is the defeat of the team.
• If the team is absent or incomplete at the time of the match, they'll be disqualified.
• If any fight lasts more than 10 minutes, the fight will be stopped & both teams will suffer a defeat.

Chapter 3 - Restrictions
• Players who have received any bans for the tournament may not appeal. The same applies to alt accounts.
• It is forbidden let someone else play on your account during the tournament, if you're caught, the team is disqualified + all the team members will be banned for 30 days for attempting to deceive the administration.
• Each participant can participate in only one team.
• It is forbidden to use talent branches related to tanking in the tournament.

Application for participation in the tournament:
1. Team name (Adhering to the project rules)
2. Nicknames of the main characters of each participant, as well as realms (where to send the reward in case of victory)
3. Class and race of each participant
4. Discord for communication with the team captain

Applications are made in this topic or in personal messages sui.cide (Discord)

Important dates:
Applications are accepted until July 31 inclusive.
The first season of the uWoW League will be held from August 5 to 6.

Awards for winning places in the uWoW League.
The award is given to each member of the winning team.
1 place​
1000 tokens​
"Legend: uWoW League Season 1"​
Unique mount "Murazond".​
2 place​
700 tokens​
"Legend: uWoW League Season 1"​
Any mount from the donat-vendor that costs less 800 tokens.​
3 place​
500 tokens​
"Legend: uWoW League Season 1"​
RU version *clicked*
Responsible for the event: Suicide, Thinkforme


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Since the required number of participants was not recruited, we decided to end the attempts to conduct PvP tournaments.
We thank everyone who decided to take the initiative to participate.​
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